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why does politics turn into violence

The curse work has to answer the following question “ why does politics turn into violence “ this question has to be related to a specific subject which is either the holocaust or the war in gAZA .. this historical events can be used as examples  The course work has to provide many theories that show why human tend to use violence in wars and politics  . I provided exact information , notes that should be used as background information to right the essay. The notes has to be answered. . Finally i want u to explain specific terms that i have marked bellow:
Why does politics turn into violence

•    War is infliction of suffering and death on other people
•    What enables ordinary men to kill others in a military conflict
•    Two forms of slaughter:
The large scale of slaughter of service personnel –^
1.    modernity of aircraft and explosive
2.    Second type: the slaughter of civilians
Holocaust and slaughter “the annihilation of living forces”
Textbook have been influential  in denying of murderous belligerence –israely text book
Vietnam uses the  –free fire zone
War time –develops aggression towards the enemy “they killed us”
Mass killing involves almost unimaginable levels of complicity
Please explain the three terms and in which context and historical events they were used in the past
Three excuses used as an excuse for mass killings –retribution , obedience and parallel response
“ we were only obeying orders “ is this a excuse for mass killing
The efficary of obeying orders  is a way of minimising emotional conflict –explain the psycho analysis and how this makes politic turn into violence
Please include question of guilt – and collective guilt in terms of the holocaust and in wars
Please include here the Milgrame experiment in context with obeying orders in the war
War –killed or be killed –is it then justified –compare Isreael and Palestine-Gaza
Explain territorial ambitious and refer to the war in Gaza currently
An evil leader
Explain how far an evil leader plays a role in how politics turns into violence: refer for example to Hitler
Explain the eagerness to kill
“Without the threat of being killed, killing was even more fun “ explain this
Territorial ambition
Refer to social Darwinism and Hitler s policy of LEBENSRAUM –living space”
Please explain how far the collective memory influences politics to turn into violence
“war does not begin with the declaration of hostilities nor does it end with the signing of treaties
please use the above phrases and theories and statement on ure work and answer the specific questions  and terms I used above.


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