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The various agents of socialization.

          Briefly describe the various agents of socialization. Which of the agents of socialization was the most important in your own upbringing and why? Provide two specific examples of values learned and how can you relate it to the agent of socialization. Lastly,...


        Discuss your understanding of positivism, answering the following questions: What assumptions did the positivist perspective in sociology make about studying society? What weaknesses led later sociologists to abandon positivism? What kinds of perspectives...

Social institutions

        Social institutions are enduring and established patterns of relationships. They are the structure that holds society together. In lesson 7, we looked at three universal institutions. Universal institutions are institutions that appear in some form in all...

Pathogen’s role in disease

          Some microorganisms like Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Yesinia pestis, E. coli can cause diseases of different body systems. Let’s investigate how the same pathogen is responsible for different pathophysiological symptoms. First, choose a...
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