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Python Language.

  Write the following two programs using Python Language. Q1. Write a program that accepts the lengths of three sides of a triangle as inputs. The program output should indicate whether or not the triangle is an equilateral triangle.  

The U.S. justice system

The U.S. justice system is often cited as being unjust. Specifically, people of color are disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system with over 58% of prisoners identified as African American or Hispanic, despite accounting for only 25% of the...

The concepts of informatics and knowledge

Reflect on the concepts of informatics and knowledge work as presented in the Resources.Consider a hypothetical scenario based on your own healthcare practice or organization that would require or benefit from the access/collection and application of data. Your...

Treated unfairly/ discriminated

Describe a situation you witnessed, or were involved in, where someone was treated unfairly or discriminated against. As you describe the situation, please outline how you responded, and would you do anything differently if that situation occurred again? If you have...

International economics

      Read the article, “The Economic Losers in the New World Order Links to an external site.,” by E. Ballard, J. Douglas, and J. Emont, the Wall Street Journal, August 14, 2023. Write a report in your own words to answer the assignment questions below. Countries...

A movie analysis

https://www.kanopy.com/en/oxy/watch/video/113281 link to the movie Use external sources as and where needed. EMPHASIS ON:• Describe the scene where they are riding the bike provide details about the visual, the camera movement the fact that Ozu doesn’t mention that...
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