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visual materials, bibliography.

*Create an interpretative essay on your subject, base in fact. Use visual material you create or find to clinch your points. Label images with captions. Fig.1 Fig2 etc to match your reference to them in your discussion. Most important, defend your views with clear reasoning and writing. Be original! All current issues in design are relevant, too, such as sustainability and socialresponse, especially as they relate to your developing practice.

I chose to write about:

Mike Daisey and Steve Jobs, ShenZhen Factory Workers for Apple; other labor abuses in China
(Ai WeiWei speaks outÖ)

discuss about the documentary that Mike Daisey reveals about the factory workers for Apple in ShenZhen, how labor condition in China. And also relate that to some Ai WeiWeiís work, which also reveals the labor issue in China, about human rights, also freedom of speech (talk about how Mike Daiseyís and Ai WeiWeiís works that are prohibited by the government?)

*Cite from:

1)    (readingattached)

AT HOME WITH Al WEIWEI. By: Camilles, J. J. Art in America. Jan2012, Vol. 100 Issue 1, p66-69. 4p. Abstract: An interview with the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is presented. Particular focus is given to the author’s observations on Ai Weiwei’s home in Beijing, China. Topics discussed include how he is coping with increased restrictions put on him by the Chinese government and which of his artworks he likes the most. (AN: 70252811)
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2) http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/evanosnos/2012/01/ai-weiwei-at-home-in-absentia.html

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