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Visual Arguments

Project description
Visual Arguments
For this exercise, you will be finding an example of rhetoric that relies heavily on visual elements to make its argument. You will then bring your example to class where you will be breaking it down and presenting it to the class. It is important to note that the goal of a rhetorical analysis is not to analyze what is being argued, but to analyze how the argument is made.
This assignment prompts you to identify the strategies that a particular written + visual argument employs. This requires you to understand not just what writers are saying, but also the purposes and motivations behind their arguments. Also, as you get more comfortable identifying the strategies other writers employ, you will be able to utilize these strategies effectively in your own work.
Your audience will consist of your scholarly peers whom you may assume have only a casual familiarity with the issue and the text that you are analyzing.
Your rhetorical analysis should utilize the three rhetorical appeals of ethos, and logos, pathos.
Ethos deals primarily with credibility. You will want to examine the authors reputation, authority, and/or expertise. These factors as well as the argument being made will either improve or detract from the writers credibility. Who made this piece of rhetoric? What do you know about them? Is there bias? Authority?
Logos is concerned with the logic of the writers argument. You may want to consider any bias and the effect of that bias upon the argument being presented. Further, is the reasoning sound? Address any weaknesses and/or strengths in the logic of the argument. In considering a visuals use of logos, you will want to focus on issues such as how the visual is
constructed. For this you will need to address the organization and composition of the visual. You might also discuss the medium, scale and perspective as well.
Pathos deals with emotion. You should identify any attempts on the part of the writer to evoke a particular emotion from the audience. Also, you will want to consider whether or not appealing to emotion is an effective strategy for the argument being discussed. You should identify any attempts to evoke a particular emotion. The content of the visual, the use of color, as well as scale and perspective can be useful in addressing the visuals appeal to emotions. Finally, you will want to evaluate whether these strategies are effective in conveying the argument that the visual is advocating.
Note: Audience is an important consideration; therefore, you also want to determine who you think is the intended audience, and explain how and why you came to that conclusion.
Finally, youll want to consider how the text and visual work together. And remember, this is not a presentation on whether you like or agree with the argument. You are looking at how effective the rhetorical strategies are at conveying the message being transmitted.
The written portion of this will be 350 words, in MLA format.


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