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Tourism and Ecotourism

Project description
Your assignment needs to be submitted to FOL via the Dropbox (closes at 12 noon on the due date). Submit a paper copy to me if you would like in-text comments.
Students will plan an ecotour to a non-western country. The country CANNOT be the China (15%).
The project will be divided into four sections. Students must complete the following:
1.Qualify using specific examples the tour as an ecotour;
2.Compose an ecotour itinerary for a minimum of seven days, and provide specific information on the modes of travel including the names of providers and schedules (from existing providers), and the names of lodging providers;
3.Complete an ecotour marketing plan which includes a market profile geographical location, age, gender, education, occupation. Consider as well how you would publicize your ecotour (use specifics);
4.Outline ecotour interpretive and/or educational programs, minimum of one per day. Existing programs may be used, but you should create your own too. Include the company that provides each program in your titled description of the programs.
Use paragraph and correct sentence structure throughout.
5. Without China.

Use the same Memo format as the Case Study.

Use 12 point font.

Proofread to ensure your assignment is free from grammatical, structural, and spelling errors.

Be sure to use an appropriate means of citation i.e. APA. Failure to do so will result in a grade of zero for citations/references.

NB. Copying large sections of text from an electronic source and then pasting this information into your own document is not acceptable and is ground for academic plagiarism and can result in official reprimands and possible expulsion. Please follow the 10% (i.e. only 10% of your assignment can feature directly quoted/verbatim/word-for-word material AND that material needs to be referenced correctly using APA guidelines).

Any questions? See me.


Write your introduction section in here.

Heading 1

Obviously, Heading 1 is a horrible heading to use. Instead, create your own that is relevant to the required sections as specified in the instructions and in the Rubric for the assignment (below).

Be sure to single space content within the heading, but double space between paragraphs and sections, as illustrated here.

INDS 1062: Ecotourism and Sustainable Travel
Final Project Rubric (25%)

Topic and overall treatment
Country chosen is appropriate
Report addresses each of the 4 areas specified

Final Project report structure/sections
Introduction explains which country was chosen and why
Tour is qualified as an ecotour using specific examples
Itinerary is for a minimum of seven days
Specific information on the modes of travel included
Names of existing providers and schedules included
Names of existing lodging providers included

Marketing Plan
Market profile geographical location, age, gender, education, occupation is thorough and complete (5 demographic areas)
Ecotour is specifically publicized according to demographic

Ecotour interpretive and/or educational programs included: minimum of one per day
Combination of existing and original programs focused on ecotourism included
Names of existing providers for each program included

Use of Sources
Sources are used to support information
Source material is integrated well with appropriate in-text citations
APA format is used without errors, both in-text and the References list
References list included and complete
Textbook is consulted

Formatting and readability
Correct Memo format (as indicated)
Sufficient, consistently written, and formatted headings to guide reader
Information presented in manageable paragraphs and/or bulleted/numbered points where appropriate


Free of all grammatical, spelling, and stylistic errors


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