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Watch the video as a refresher on 5 stages of plot. Once you have watched the video, send me a 5 Stages of Plot Outline of your favorite episode of a show, a favorite movie, or book. You will complete it in Microsoft Word and upload it back to Canvas.

Ex. Exposition- Bobby is the protagonist. He lives in Chicago and the problem/ conflict is he plays piano very well but is rejected by the musical community and labeled a cheater because he was born with six fingers on each hand.

Rising Action- Bobby meet’s the top pianist, a boy named “Binniker” in the city and he only has nine fingers (he lost one in a lawn mower accident when he was a kid).

Climax- The two face-off at the yearly competition for the title of best musician in CHI-Town.

Falling action-Bobby beats Binniker fair and square in a recital but the crowd boos him.

Resolution-Binniker speaks up to the people booing him and Tells Bobby he earned the win. Bobby is accepted by the musical community.

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