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Karl Marx Social Media Post

As sociologists one of our goals should be to share our knowledge with people and engage them in conversations about sociology. To that end you should develop a post explaining or exploring the impact the social conditions of his day had on Karl Marx. Post your...

The definition of a qualified disability

What is the definition of a qualified disability? In your informed opinion, is this definition sufficient to protect both employees and employers? Do you agree with the legal position that employers must make reasonable accommodations for an individual deemed to have...

Why Marquis think abortion is immoral

Why does Marquis think abortion is immoral? What is his argument? Thomson argues that abortion is permissible, at least in a wide range of cases. What are those cases and what is/are her arguments? Do Marquis’s arguments challenge those of Thomson, or can one...

The idea of conjugal visits for prisoners.

First, consider the idea of conjugal visits for prisoners. Some states allow inmates private visitation time with their spouses. Imagine that you are the warden of a prison that, at present, does not allow conjugal visits for prisoners. You are considering adopting...

Attitudes and behaviors.

            Address the following questions regarding attitudes and behaviors.   What is the relationship between attitudes and behaviors? How does this relationship impact ambiguity and change in an organization? Why are these ideas important to consider and discuss?...

Conducting evaluation studies

            Conducting evaluation studies using full experimental designs and sophisticated data collection is almost impossible in real organizations. Some managers argue that training evaluations can provide meaningful conclusions only when conducted using these...
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