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Teenager who commit serious crimes should (or should not) be tried as adults.

For this essay, you will take a stand on a debatable issueóan issue that has two sides. You will use different kind of evidenceófacts, examples, and/or expert opinionóto persuade your audience to accept your position on one of the following topics:
ï    Teenager who commit serious crimes should (or should not) be tried as adults.
ï    Citizens without criminal records should (or should not) be permitted to carry concealed weapons.
ï    The minimum wage should (or should not) be raised.
ï    Convicted felons should (or should not) lose the right to vote.
ï    Public high schools should (or should not) be permitted to distribute condoms to students.

Follow the guidelines and examples from Chapter 16iinFocus on Writing to help you draft and structure your essay.  You must write this as a deductive argumentóstarting with a thesis that takes a position and supporting that thesis with specific evidence and analysis. You evidence will come from research that you conduct via the internet and/or library database. Be s

Effective essays will include:
?    A four to five sentence introduction paragraph that grabs reader interest and provides context for the argument.
?    A thesis that appears as the last sentence in the introduction
?    Topic sentences that appear clearly as the FIRST sentence of each body paragraph and topic sentences that address ONE main idea each
?    Appropriate supporting details in each paragraph
?    Sophisticated analysis of these details
?    A counter argument paragraph (we will discuss this more in class)
?    Transitions between ideas
?    A conclusion that answers the ìso what?î or ìwho cares?î questions
The essay must be at least 3 full pages long (but no more than 4 pages) and be in proper MLA format: 12 pt, Times New Roman font; double-spaced; 1 inch margins all around the document; appropriate headers.
Expectations    Points Possible    Points Earned
Introduction is compelling and grabs the readerís interest; it adequately establishes the context for the thesis. It is at least four sentences long.
Thesis states the writerís opinion on the subject and provides a clear direction for the rest of the paper; it is focused, arguable, and specific. It includes the writerís opinion on the topic and a rationale (reason) for that opinion.
Body paragraphs are well-organized and follow the TEAR format with focused topic sentences to begin each one. Topic sentences address one main idea and the rest of the paragraph provides examples to illustrate the idea. Provides smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs. New ideas arise clearly from previous ideas. The entire essay is structured in an effective point-by-point- or subject-by-subject comparison.

Development of ideas and analysis are relevant and substantial. Claims are followed by logical support. Evidence is relevant and relayed vividly and compellingly. Ideas and analysis are elaborated with significant depth, moving beyond the superficial. Quotes from the articles are interpreted in detail. Writer uses concepts from these quotes to interpret/analyze the examples. Analysis is specific and complex; writer does not simply regurgitate ideas from the reading.

Counter argument paragraph addresses a valid opposition to the writerís position. It does not restate previous points from the essay. It respectfully presents the opposing view point and then proves that point wrong with valid evidence.


Conclusion does not simply summarize the paper. Stresses the larger significance of the argument by answering the ìso what?î or ìwho cares?î questions.
Language is varied. Sentences progress smoothly and logically. Apt word choice. Well-edited. Complex ideas conveyed clearly.
Significant revisions have been made between the rough and final draft. Peer review comments have been considered and implemented in the final draft. Writer has provided thoughtful and significant suggestions for her/his classmatesí rough drafts.
MLA format: TNR, 12pt font, 1î margins all around, double-spaced with proper headings.  Works cited page and all in-text citations are properly formatted.     5

Paper fulfills all assignment requirements. It is at least 3 full pages long, and this paper is stapled to the front. Student has also included all peer review sheets and rough drafts. This is credit/no-creditóyou either get the full 5 points or 0.
TOTAL    100

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