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Statement of Purpose for University Attendance

Answer 4 questions explaining to admissions board on why your background will help you succeed at University, and what you plan on doing your first year attending. Need my questions to flow into essay form. Grammar check. English majors welcome. Around 300-400 words.


Around 350 Words

The Admissions Committee wants to learn more about you. Please submit a typewritten statement of at least 350 words. When reviewing your statement, the Committee hopes to understand what you have learned from your experiences and how you have arrived at this point of interest in applying to NYU McGhee. In developing your statement, please address each of the following questions:
1.    How has your background prepared you to succeed at McGhee?
2.    How will an undergraduate degree from McGhee help you to achieve your goals?
3.    What do you hope to accomplish during your first year of study?
4.    Please reflect on your past educational experiences. If you feel your transcripts and records do not accurately represent your academic ability, please explain why.

What they want to hear:
–    Motivation to learn and to succeed in a university environment
–    Self-direction in setting goals and meeting deadlines
–    Maturity, responsibility, and focus
–    Intellectual curiosity about the world in which we live
–    Ability to communicate well both orally and in writing

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