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If you connected your laptop to a wireless hotspot, opened your email program and sent an email to someone, what connections would you make? Describe the series of connections that would be made, the equipment you would use for the wireless hotspot, the protocols which would be used and the TCP/IP layers which the email would go through.
The addition of control information to a packet as it moves through the layers is called encapsulation. Provide a brief overview of the process that requested pieces of data (packets) undergo as it is sent over the Internet. Include the difference between the size of a typical packet and the size of a typical Ethernet frame?
Define data communication? Briefly discuss how signals are clocked, include what is meant when a signal is self-clocking and how does the way in which signals are clocked affect data transmission? What is the relationship between frequency and Baud Rate?
Provide the results of these calculations:
What is the frequency, in Hertz, of a signal that repeats 60,000 times within one minute? What is its period (the length of one complete cycle)?
What is the bandwidth of a signal composed of frequencies from 60 Hz to 600 Hz?

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