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Data breach incident report

        Find some data breach/security incident (from 2015 – present) that interests you. Part 1: Report of the incident (brief 2 short paragraphs of the company) Part 2: Shown what you have learned (45% of the project/grading) (7- 9 pages) Ethics analysis –...

R Programming

In this learning activity, you will explore the use of R programming in health care. R is an open-source free software used for statistical computing and graphics. You will write to examine how R is used for data analytics and decision-making in health care....

Information Systems

Retrieval of data in SQL can be sped up by the creation of indexes in a table. Explain what an index is and how it works in speeding up data retrieval. Describe one issue that can occur by using too many indexes in a table.

Cloud Services Analysis

        Determining a company’s cloud needs requires just as much planning and analysis as determining the needs of an in-house network. While a variety of cloud assessment and migration frameworks exist, most can be broken into five categories: gathering...

Wireless network attacks

In your own words, write a paper that demonstrate your understanding of one of the following wireless network attacks: Evil Twin.Rouge Access Point.Disassociation Attack.Be sure to include how the attack impacts data confidentiality, integrity, or...
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