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Research Summary/Literature Review “Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression in the Elderly”

Obviously, this is for my Psy 101 class. I can put it in APA myself since that probably costs extra. Must be:
4-6 pages
must incorporate at least 4 academic sources: 1 must be the textbook – “Exploring Psy” 9th edition by David Myers, 3- 5 must be PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES, and the other can be an appropriate secondary source (or another article).
The paper will be used to create a presentation  – Power Point – that I will have to give in class – don’t know what kind of pictures I would need but I could always download them on a flash drive.  (or whatever you would send me for the presentation) must be well organized and engaging (teacher’s words) I’ve never done this before – give a presentation.  These are the teacher”s instructions, but being experts at this you probably already know.  But anyway……..I’ll try to give you a brief (haha) summary.
synthesize research on a topic in psy while also shedding light on that topic – do substantial research both online and in the library. – don’t just find all of the relevant articles on the topic, but also to evaluate those sources – use original sources – empirical sources – those that report research findings for the first time – obviously come up with a thesis statement – this should present some conclusion about the research – summarizes, integrates or reinterprets the data – a theory that explains why two sets of research seem contradictory or a theory of how two seemingly disparate research traditions are relevant to one another divided into six parts indicated by subheadings:  literature review are not divided into a fexed set of specific sections but you should use sub-headings when introducing new topic areas withing a paper – should include a clear introduction, a body in which the evidence is presented and a discussion.
Some questions to consider:
INTRO – Why is this topic important? What is the history of the topic? What are the related theories or findings? What is your claim or thesis statement.
BODY – What is the evidence that supports your claim?  What evidence runs contrary to your claim and how do you reconcile that with your claim? Describe research, that has previously been done, as well as any controversies or alternate opinions.  Relate the evidence you present to the major conclusions you are trying to make.
DISCUSSION/CONCLUSION/IMPLICATIONS – What is your final conclusion – what questions remain – what does your conclusion mean for other people’s theories or explanations? Synthesize the findings you described in the body into a succinct summary and close the loop (whatever that means lol). Also discuss the possible implications of your argument for existing theories and for everyday life.  WOW!  I want to thank you ahead of time.


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