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For this assignment, you will be discussing promotion and promotion decisions.

The first step of this assignment is to locate an advertising campaign that had misleading or falsified information. Some examples include:

Volkswagen’s diesel cars

Activia Yogurt

Red Bull

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

New Balance

Once you had identified an advertising campaign with misleading or falsified information you will start by identifying what was being ‘sold and explaining why it was considered misleading or falsified. What was the company promoting? When was the advertising campaign held? What were the claims and statements?

Next, describe how customers discovered the issues with the advertising campaign and what occurred as a result of consumer backlash. Was there a legal battle? Was there a settlement? Did the company go out of business? Were there recalls?

Finally, describe at least three strategies that any company can use to avoid intentionally or unintentionally misleading consumers.

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