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Personas, Goals and Strategy

STEP 1 – Develop Personas (for the customer, the influencer, and the fan)To ensure that you understand what differentiates the customer, the influencer, and the fan from one another, develop a persona for each, specific to your organization. In developing your...

Addressing Negative Comments

Every brand finds itself on the receiving end of a negative comment at some point. Smart businesses view these difficult moments as opportunities to turn the situation around and achieve a positive outcome. If you can address the negative post in a way that satisfies...

Meeting Your Audience where They Are

Discussion PromptsWhere is your target audience active online? Based on your research from Week 1, explain the sites and social networks your target audience frequents. Reflect on the personas you created for target audiences earlier in this course. Explain their...

What Matters (2011) by Katie Paine

STEP 1 – Review MaterialsReview Measure What Matters (2011) by Katie Paine as you develop your program’s measurement plan. This book, along with other helpful resources, is available on the Course Playlist on O’Reilly. STEP 2 – Engage the...

Association Market

Based upon your readings comment on the following:What are the management and marketing challenges when planning and organizing an event from a host property perspective (property perspective = hotel, convention center, standalone conference center, event venue, etc.)...
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