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Market for Tutoring services.

1) Shift the curve to show what will occur in the milk industry if technological progress makes it cheaper and easier to produce milk. draw the market and label the initial price and quantity PE and QE,decide which group (consumers or producers) is affected most...

Free market ethics egoism and utilitarianism

(1)Name the company case study you have chosen.10(2)In this case study the company made a key decision central to the scandal and causing legal implications. State in one sentence the two choices the company had and the decision in made. For example, this is a...

Marketing/launch strategy

Choose a product and write a 5 page summary discussing how you would create a brand extension of that product. Include your rationale for the brand extension. Headings to include: Brand (to include a brief background) Extension idea Rationale/justification or need for...

Types of workplace violence defined by OSHA.

You can join the discussion by responding in 75-100 words to the question noted below. You can pose your own analysis of the week’s topic, or share stories and experiences related to the week’s topic. Rather than simply answering the questions, add your own ideas,...
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