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Movie Depiction.

Have the film clips you just viewed furthered your understanding of the variable, Structural Humiliation, and the role that the variable may play in providing a more complete understanding of the causes of crime?

Clip 1: finding forrestor

-I find that remarkable, don’t you, Mr. Coleridge? Mr. Coleridge? Perhaps we should back into this. Mr. Coleridge, in looking at this, what if any conclusions might we be able to draw?
-Do you mean about the author?
-About anything. Do any of the words strike you as unusual? Mr. Coleridge feel free to view this as the appropriate time for a response.
-Eh, um, air.
-Air. And why is that unusual?
-Because it sounds old.
-It does sound old, doesn’t it? And do you know why it sounds old, Mr. Coleridge? It’s because it is old, more than 200 years old, written before you were born, before your father was born, before your father’s father was born. But that still does not excuse the fact that you don’t know who wrote it, now does it, Mr. Coleridge?
-I’m sorry, sir.
-You, of all people in this room, should know who wrote that passage. And you know why, Mr. Coleridge? I repeat, do you know why?
-Just say the name.
-Excuse me, did you have something to contribute, Mr. Wallace.
-I just said that you should say his name.
-And why would be helpful for Mr. Coleridge here, to say his name?
-Because that’s who wrote it.
-Very good, Mr. Wallace. Perhaps your skills do extend a bit farther than basketball. And now if we can turn to– you may be seated, Mr. Coleridge.
Turn to page 120, in the little Blue Book, and I’m–
-I’m sorry?
-You said my skills extend farther than the basketball court. Farther relates to distance. Further is a definition of degree. You should have said further.
-Are you challenging me, Mr. Wallace?
-Not any more than you challenged Coleridge.
-Well perhaps the challenge should have been directed elsewhere. It is a melancholy truth that even–
-Great man have poor relations. Dickens.
-You will hear the beat of a horse’s–
-All great truths begin–
-Man is the only animal–
-That blushes, or needs to. That’s Mark Twain. More, Professor Crawford.
-Get out.

clip 2: life is beautiful
– I told you already no children or old ladies!
– Back inside you dont work
-The Rest downstairs
-Let;s go girls quickly
-That one’s new she learned right away
-The lady at the door she seemed nice when she first came
-she’s the worst of all
-At least she didnt send the old ladies and children to work
-They dont send old people and kids to work because the kill them!
– One of these days they’ll call them to take a shower. Children shower time! The truth is they make them shower in the gas chamber
Man speaking- How can I do this? Victorio?
Man’s son call- Papa
Father- What are you doing why arent you with the other kids.
Son- They say…all us kids have to take a shower today and I dont want to.
Father- Go take a shower
Son- No!
Father- Yes go take a shower!
Son- Im not going to. what are you doing here?
Father- We’re making….a tank. We’re building the tank. We’re still working on the tracks. We’re running slow.You can’t stay here go take a shower!
Son- I dont want to!
Father: You stubborn thing. I’ll tell mom! Ten points off for you! Hide behind there. We’ll go back together when Im done. Dont let anyone see you.
Solider of a group of me: Get undressed. Take everything off! You’ll get it back after the shower. Forward! Remember your number to get your clothes back! Women and children will shower together.
Female solider falls…..

man in the group: Are you hurt
female solider does not responds look at man with discontent and walks away.

Clip 3: A perfect world
RED GARNETT: I got it, sir.
TOM ADLER: The press have been waiting almost an hour, Red.
RED GARNETT: I hear ya. Yeah, I hear ya. I understand. I understand. Yeah. No, I’m here. I’m just listening. Yeah, OK, [SPANISH].
TOM ADLER: What’d he say?
TOM ADLER: The governor, Red?
RED GARNETT: Oh, he reminded me that it’s an election year. Hi.
RED GARNETT: I hope you don’t drink before noon.
SALLY GERBER: Oh, no, I don’t.
RED GARNETT: Last one we had here, it seemed like she was on a liquid diet.
SALLY GERBER: Last what?
RED GARNETT: Secretary. Penny Monroe.
SALLY GERBER: Well, I believe you have me confused. See, I’m here from Huntsville. I was assigned by the governor.
RED GARNETT: Adler, what is this?
TOM ADLER: It seems like it rings a bell. I think they sent something over about her this morning.
RED GARNETT: Who sent this?
TOM ADLER: The governor, Red.
SALLY GERBER: I’m Sally Gerber, criminologist with the state prison system.
TOM ADLER: Tom Adler, Texas Rangers.
SALLY GERBER: Hi. Well, it’s a relatively new procedure. See, I was assigned by the governor to–
RED GARNETT: Work with state law officials in all affairs of penal matters coinciding with the state police. This doesn’t say anything about escape–
SALLY GERBER: Oh, it includes parole and work release programs, as well as penal escape situations.
TOM ADLER: We’ll be right there, Marge. They’re getting antsy, Red. You scheduled it.
SALLY GERBER: Huh. The idea is that an understanding of the particular behavioral case history should in parole situations help the subject to avoid habitual traps, and in penal escape situations could conversely identify those self same traps as an aid to apprehension.
RED GARNETT: Let me tell you something, Miss Gerber.
SALLY GERBER: Sally is fine.
RED GARNETT: Let me tell you something, Sally. This is not a penal escape situation. This happens to be a manhunt. And no talking around in circles is going to fix all that.
SALLY GERBER: And what will?
RED GARNETT: Well, us having a nose like a Bluetick. That’s a medulla with an antenna and a lot of coffee.

Clip 4: Malcolm X

MALCOLM X: When my mother was pregnant with me, a party of Klansmen on horseback surrounded our house in Omaha, Nebraska. They brandished guns and shouted for my father to come out. My mother went to the door where they could see her pregnant condition and told them that my father was in Milwaukee preaching. Now these hooded Klansmen said the good, white Christians would not stand for his trouble-making and to get out of town.
MALCOLM X: They broke every window with their rifle butts before riding off into the night. They rode off into the moonlight on their horses as suddenly as they had come.
Clip 5: Murder in the First
-Alcatraz was opened as a federal penitentiary in the spring of 1934. In the era of the gangster, it was opened more for the publicity value than the incarceration level. Alcatraz was the most feared prison in the world, and the most expensive. See, there are only so many Al Capones and Machinegun Kellys– so the prison had empty cells. In order to justify the costs, the government took incorrigibles from other prisons, men that had committed smaller, more petty crimes– men like Henri Young.
—who art in heaven, hallowing be thy name. Our father, who art in heaven, hallowing be thy name. Our father–
-Prior to 1938, there’d been five escape attempts. No one had made it. The reputation of Alcatraz as being inescapable was secure. Six inmates had died. The ones who didn’t die sometimes wished they had.

-The federal guideline regarding solitary confinement states that the maximum stay for an inmate shall not exceed 19 days.

-Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be they name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us for our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen. Thank you, gentlemen.
-Alcatraz is a half mile off the coast of San Francisco. There were 276 inmates, 110 guards, with their wives and children stationed on the island, and the associate warden, Mr. Glenn.
This is the story of Henri Young, as I know it.


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