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STEP 1. Review Chapters 9-12 in Markel’s textbook Technical Communication.
STEP 2. Locate the “Counties” sub-tab on the College’s Fall Facts page, then create a 1-2 page memo that:
1. Proposes this page’s table be modified to include one of two alternative types of appropriate graphics. Address your memo to me and assume that I am the person in charge of the page that you are proposing to change. Your memo must meet Markel’s and my criteria for effective memos.
2. Includes both of your proposed graphics in appropriate locations and the original page’s graphics. Your graphics must meet Markel’s and my criteria for effective graphics, which include effective textual referents and interpretations, effectively designed graphics (which include captions and source attributions), and relevant locations. Your graphics must meet Markel’s criteria for effective graphics, and your document must meet his and my criteria for effective memos.
3. Logically argues for adopting one of your alternatives.
4. Ends with an effective conclusion (including a plan of action [POA] and a stress of your proposal’s benefits). Again, you must meet Markel’s and my criteria for this element.
5. Include at least one, appropriate vertical list made with the list-making function in your word processing software. Lists made without using that function will lose one letter grade.
6. Includes at least first- and second-level headings.
7. Includes APA-style citations and documentation, including an APA-style references page following the memo and separated from that memo with a page breaks. Documents failing to use page breaks (e.g., using hard returns) will lose one letter grade.
8. Use the header function to create appropriate headers that conform to the following model.
MODEL HEADER: For example, my document would have the header shown in Figure 1 below:
SmithC/WA3 page 2 of 4

If this example were an actual document, this line would contain the body text, as would subsequent lines; similarly, the header would have been made with the header function, which is impossible for this figure since this “page” is not a real page. However, you have to use the header function on your pages.
Figure : Example of Header
Moreover, your headers (1) cannot appear on the title page of your report and (2) must accurately reflect the pagination of that document. “Headers” that are not made with the header function or that do not follow the following requirements will lose one letter grade.
To complete this assignment, you will need to use your word processing software’s design functions.


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