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Labor and work ‘

Description: Fall 2014 English 96/101 Paper #3: Labor and Work! Due Dates: Assignment: In the chapters we read from Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser discusses the
ways in which fast-food companies avoid hiring skilled workers and rely instead upon vulnerable employees who are usually young people of color. We
also read about the dangerous conditions endured by the laborers (often undocumented workers) who make up the vast majority of employees in
slaughterhouses and elsewhere across the food-supply chain. In the documentary film we watched, The Harvest/La Cosecha, we saw once again how
mostly poor people of color (also often undocumented) are exploited to fill our supermarket shelves with food while they themselves often cannon feed
their families. And finally, Mac McClelland informed us that the so-called anew economya of online shopping still sources its workers from the same
vulnerable pools of people. Through our classroom discussions, we discussed the similarities and differences between these forms of labor and
exploitation. For this assignment, you will write an essay in which you compare and contrast the various working conditions weave covered across several
readings, and also suggest possible solution for lessening the negative effects of these practices. You will use evidence from our readings/viewings to
make your case. READINGS TO REVIEW: Chapters 3 and 8 from Fast Food Nation, a1 Was A Warehouse Wage Slave,a and The Harvest/La Cosecha.
Please also look back at They Say, I Say as you format your thesis statement, summary, and quotations. DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE ESSAY: Thesis: A
clear thesis statement, focusing on the labor issues presented in the readings should be early in your essay. Look at chapter 4 from They Say, I Say for
help formatting that thesis. Evidence: Evidence in support of your thesis should come from our readings from Fast Food Nation, aWage Slave,a and the
film. If you have personal experience related to your thesis, you may also use that. At least two of the three sources must be included in your final draft.
Quotation: This falls under evidence, but now that we have practiced quoting several times, I will expect all quotes and evidence to be properly 5
formatted, as we saw in They Say, I Say chapter 3. Audience: You can assume your audience has some familiarity with the book and movie, but you will
still need to summarize them where necessary and place quotes and examples in context so that readers will understand them. Any evidence and support
you give from outside the readings will also need context, explanation, and citation. Formal Expectations:
Economics 1250 Assignment #3
This assignment is based upon an article published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and deals with the Euro area sovereign debt crisis. In this assignment, I want you to summarize the main points of the article while paying particular attention to the cause of the Greek debt crisis and the response to this by the IMF and Eurozone countries.
This assignment should be a maximum of 3 double spaced pages and should be in essay form. Provide references when appropriate. This assignment will be graded out of 10 and will be worth 5% of the course grade.
The article for this assignment can be found at the following link:


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