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Introducing Communication Research. Paths of Inquiry, by Donald Treadwell”. E

The study book we use in this class is “Introducing Communication Research. Paths of Inquiry, by Donald Treadwell”. E
Description: Research Proposal: This assignment is NOT a research paper! It is simply a research proposal where you propose a topic, title, a research question and
use theories that apply to your research question. You will have to explain how you will conduct your research. For example, what methodology and
methods you will use to conduct your research? Discuss your methodology and methods limitations, strengths and weaknesses. Explain your research
decisions, self reflexive, and the stages you will take. Talk about how you will do your édata collectioné process, its validity, its reliability, generalisability,
and ethics. How to write the proposal: You will have to include an introduction, distinct paragraphs, and a conclusion. Below are the topic, title, research
question and theories. Please follow them as our professor has approved them: Topic: ISIS and Social Media Title: The Impressions of Emirati Youth on
Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) Research question: What impressions do Emirati youth between the ages of 18 and 22 living in Dubai get from
social media regarding ISIS, and what sources do they use for getting information? Theories: Framing and Agenda Setting P.S. ISIS stands for éIslamic
State in Iraq and Syriaé. Please Google it so you can have a better understanding of it. What to do prior to writing the research proposal: before writing,
you will have to do an academic review in order to have an idea of similar research questions done by researchers. Read 6-8 academic journals, articles
or/and books to see what methodology and methods others have done. Use Google Scholar to find articles, journals and books, but most importantly they
have to all be academic ones. Start your search by searching about articles, journals, and books that talk about éresearch methodsé, read them, cite
them, discuss strengths and weaknesses, include recommendations by others, and mention limitation of the study you are doing. Below is the structure of
the research proposal. Please include HEADINGS before every paragraph (especially before your body paragraphs). Introduction: in the introduction, you
will have to introduce your topic, title, research question and theories in the introduction. You then need to summarize what your proposal will talk about
to give a brief summary of what the reader is about to read. Body: include multiple distinctive paragraphs, where you talk about your methodology. In
your methodology, you will have to include the following: strengths/weaknesses, explain res decisions, self reflexive, stages,


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