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Human Factor Project

Information transfer is an important part of human factors design.  People must have an understanding of the hazards present and what actions to take.  In this project, each group can exercise a combination of the principle of human factors design and your creative talent!  Each group must conduct human factors design based on sound principles of human response to audible and visual instructions.

Your report must be 6-8 pages of typewritten text.  Append drawings and other supporting materials as appropriate.  The report should cite at least three original journal articles in a reference list.

A recent change in the Life Safety Code allows the use of some elevators in high-rise buildings for fire evacuations.  The public’s current training is to use elevators when there is a fire.  Now, the public needs to know which elevators are available for them to use.  In addition, high-rise buildings are starting to use skybridges to connect multiple buildings.  These will require people to travel up stairs (counter to the expected action).

For the project, your team is to develop the wayguidance system for a new high-rise building that will attract people from all over the world.  People will have three possible egress routes.  One option is to use the traditional stairs to walk down to the base of the building.  The second option is to use the evacuation elevators.  The third option is to use a sky bridge that connects to an adjacent tower.

Assume the audible messages are in English.  However, plan for several different language translations (you do not have to worry about the translations).  The signage must convey its meaning without reliance on words.  Develop three different types of signs.  The first type of sign is one that will guide people not near the evacuation elevator to it.  The second sign will be one in the stairs to let people know that they can use the skybridge that is located on a higher floor or descend down to the ground floor.  The third type of sign will be in the elevator lobby to let people know that an evacuation elevator is available in the event of a fire.

Your end design should be a paper that describes a proposed voice message directing people to the elevator and the three types of signs.  You should use design principles from the text, your notes, and journal articles to support your recommended designs.  You must develop three alternative designs for each of the signs and field-test them on at least three people who are not aware of this project (e.g. no one in class, no one that has taken the class before, and no one that another group has tested their design on).  Append the results of your field test.

In the report, identify the role(s) of each person.  If multiple people have the same role, identify the exact responsibilities of each person.

Potential roles include:
•    Project manager
•    Developing audio message
•    Developing signs to guide people to evacuation elevator
•    Developing signs to direct people to skybridge
•    Developing signs for elevator lobby
•    Field testing signs

This is your opportunity to undertake some creative human factors design and there is no right or wrong answer.  Support your design with sound human factors rationale.


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