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Gangs: A Guide to Understanding Street Gangs

report;Valdez, A. J. (2009). Gangs: A Guide to Understanding Street Gangs (5th ed.) San Clemente, CA: Law Tech Publishing

Respond to the following: A. Question: Departments of correction refer to prison gangs as security threat groups. Why do you think they don’t just refer
to them as gangs, and does it make a difference? M502: Though smallest in number, the Aryan Brotherhood are generally considered the worst of the
worst among prison gangs. In this activity, you will think about and discuss this. Respond to the following: B. Question: The Aryan Brotherhood, though
the smallest of the prison gangs, are generally considered to be the most violent. What factors or circumstances do you think have led to this? M601:
Impact of Gangs in the Military: This activity gives you an opportunity to examine the impact that gang members and gang activity have on the military.
Respond to the following: C. Question: Why do you think gang members are able to operate within a structured and disciplined organization such as the
military? What criminal activities do they engage in while in the military and how do they get away with it? M602: International Connections of Gang
Members: This activity gives you the opportunity to discuss how U.S. policy could have an impact on gang members in the military. Respond to the
following: 0. Question: Some argue that the DREAM Act will allow gang members to infiltrate the military. State and defend your position on this issue.
Support your answer with at least one resource from the Internet M701: Street Gangs and the Cartel Connection: This activity will assist you in
understanding the connections between street gangs and cartels in Mexico as well as the rise in violence. Respond to the following: E. Question: Explain
the connection between street gangs and the cartels in Mexico. Support your answer using information from the textbook M702: Transnational Gangsa
Threat to Local Communities: This activity will assist you in understanding the transnational gang threat to cities throughout the United States. Respond to
the following: F. Question: What threats do you think the Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS 13) gang poses for local communities in the United States? Use the
textbook as well as other resources to provide supporting information. M801: Gang Suppression and Prevention Partnerships: Most gang experts (at least
in law enforcement) agree that you cannot arrest your way out of the problem. If this is correct, the assistance of a number of other agencies, groups,
and individuals is needed to tackle the problem. Read further about this subject and respond to the following: Respond to the following: G. Question: What
strategies do you think can be used to get individuals, as well as numerous agencies, working together? M802: Your textbook presents TARGET as a gang
reduction program. Based on your readings in this course and any other scholarly sources or personal experiences. Respond to the following: H.
Question: How would you assess TARGET as a gang reduction program? What features of the program do you think will help in gang reduction, and how?
Book used in course: Valdez, A. J. (2009). Gangs: A Guide to Understanding Street Gangs (5th ed.) San Clemente, CA: Law Tech Publishing


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