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familie’s  unique rituals

Paper instructions:
The purpose of this discussion posting is to begin thinking about possible topics for your next essay. You should begin by reviewing the essay topics, listed in the Content area under Unit 2. Then review the options below and choose one to write about.

Think of this as a type of pre-writing. You may choose to develop your discussion posting into a larger essay, or you may choose to write about something else altogether. You should also read other students’ entries because something they say might spark an idea for your essay.  To get full points for this assignment, you must respond to at least one other student’s entry.

Discussion Posting Topics: (Choose one)

Many families have unique rituals like those described in Dumas’s essay “Sweet, Sour, and Resentful.” List and describe some rituals that are unique to your family or to another group you belong to. They could be something like a holiday celebration, a vacation activity, or a way of decompressing after a stressful week. A word of warning: If your holiday celebration or vacation activity, etc., is pretty much just like everyone else’s, your “ritual” will not be “unique” and will not make a good topic for this discussion or the paper assigned in this unit.
Describe an instance in which someone makes a big sacrifice or effort for others. It may be a parent for a child, or someone in a group. Why does this person make the sacrifice?  What are the costs for that person and the benefit for others? Are the benefits worth the costs?
Describe some minority group that you are a part of or know very well.  The group may be a racial or ethnic minority, or it may be a different kind of group (a sub-culture in high school or people who have tattoos or Star Trek afficiondos–the possibilities are many).  What are the special circumstances, issues, problems and joys of belonging to such a group?


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