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Evaluation of a Community Counseling Agency Web Page

This assignment requires integration of readings from the text Chapters 1-5, 7 &9,and online readings found in Moodle on good website design.

Locate a web site for a community counseling agency.

Review the site and include the URL. You should select an agency that you do not know about.
Explain why you think the agency you selected meets the requirements for being defined as a community counseling agency.
See if you can determine from reviewing the web site (do not use your knowledge of the agency but focus exclusively on information provided on the web page):
Give one example of an activity or program provided by the agency that involves each of the following. Clearly explain how each example provides evidence of the agency providing the service. Your example and explanation must demonstrate understanding of the concepts. A description of services/programs is not sufficient.
Focused Client Strategies
Focused Community Strategies
Broad-Based Client Strategies
Broad-Based Community Strategies
What is the geographic (catchment) area that the agency serves?
What are the requirements for receiving services?
What is the process that an individual has to complete to receive services?
Are any needed forms easily available on the site?
Are the links to other web pages clear? Did you find any that didn’t work?
Is contact information easily accessible for individuals who want additional information?
Evaluate the site using two principles of good website design from your readings: (You should first define the two principle you are using before applying them to your assessment of the web page)
Information that is presented well
Information that is missing and should be included
Suggestions for improving the web site
Reflective Question – Does the web site reflect diversity? Please explain your reasoning and the sources of information that you used to make this decision.
Reflective CA Question – How were you able to use your ability to evaluate web resources in preparing your CA literature review and research?
Paper should be double spaced, typed (APA format), 3-5 pages and must make relevant references to your readings (both text and journal articles). It is your responsibility to demonstrate integration of theoretical readings and course concepts to your agency review. Review the section on general requirements for written assignments and the written assignment rubric.


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