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Environmental studies

Documentary Reflection assignment

Fall 2014

To fulfill the requirements of the Documentary Reflection assignment, you will watch a documentary on the list then write a 1-page paper reflecting on the connection between the documentary and the ideas and concepts we are discussing in class, as well as their application to your life.

The paper should be SINGLE SPACED, 11 point Arial font.
Do not put a heading on your paper. Type your name on the first line of the paper. Do not put a title. Do not use more than one line for your heading (name). I assume you will be mentioning the title of your book in the body of the paper.
You must use 1 inch margins all around. Please note that the default left and right margins in Microsoft Word is 1.25 inches. You MUST change this! If you do not know how, it is easy to find instructions online.
Your paper must be the FULL page. Im only asking for one page, please fill it up!
You will upload the paper to a Project assignment on Moodle. Remember, I accept NOTHING by email.
I would like for this paper to be a reflection on the documentary that you watch. Remember this is Environmental Science so your reflections must connect the film to what we are studying in class. If you like it, thats great, but that is not the point of this reflection. I have watched these documentaries so I also dont need you to summarize them for me! Discuss the environmental science themes, not the play-by-play.

For this reflection, take the themes of the film and apply them to your life, experience, and future. For the reflection you are expanding upon the ideas of the film and relating them to the community in which you live.

I recommend the following format: Start with a short paragraph on the overall theme of the film with a few examples. The rest of the paper should be the extension and application portion (include examples here, too!).

To receive full credit on this paper, the extension and application portion needs to be well thought out! Here are some ideas. You do not have to directly address these questions in your paper, but you may. Or you may use them as jumping off points.

Communicate to me what the film made you think about regarding your own community and your own role in the future of your community.
Were there portions of the film that directly related with your professional goals? How so?
Did the content of the film inspire you to go look anything up? What did you look up and what information did you find?
How could you use the content of the film to make a change in your community?
Please recall that there are penalties for plagiarism. When you include any content from the film, please note that. A full citation is not necessary. If you use any outside information, please cite appropriately (using correct format: MLA, APA, Chicago, etc). All citations must be on the second page of your paper. The text of your paper must take up the full first page. Also, you are on your honor to choose something you have not previously watched. Use this opportunity to branch out and read something new!

The List

Ive provided a link to a site where you can watch the trailer for each film.

Chasing Ice (2012) http://www.chasingice.com

Food Inc. (2008) http://www.takepart.com/foodinc/film

GasLand (2010) http://www.gaslandthemovie.com

Ingredients (2009) http://www.ingredientsfilm.com

Urbanized (2011) http://www.hustwit.com/category/urbanized/

Who Killed the Electric Car (2006) http://www.whokilledtheelectriccar.com/trailer

Please note that I understand there are MANY films out there that would be appropriate for this project. However, I will not accept substitutions for this list. If you plan to do this Focus Project, please stick to this List.

This paper is worth 100 points and will be graded as follows:

20 points for: following instructions (10 points) and general clarity (10 points)

Please use the format structure provided above. I know it seems like madness to tell you what font and what size, but there is a method to it. If all of the papers look the same, it is much easier to focus on content! When I can focus on content, I can grade these much more quickly! Because it is such a simple thing to change fonts and margins on your end, Im offering you 10 of your possible 100 points for following instructions. I hope you will agree those are easy points to earn!

General clarity includes grammar and spelling. I will not be marking these papers up with a red pen and docking points for each mistake. I will read the paper in its entirety and if the spelling and grammar issues are distracting, I will subtract 10 points. There is no partial credit for this. If you are worried about these points, please have a friend or colleague read it over for you. As college students, my expectation is that you can check over your work and have a general understanding of the rules of grammar and structure (capitalization, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, correct vocabulary, etc.). I expect you to use what youve learned about these things to produce a correct document. If you are concerned, please utilize the Tutorial Services on campus.

10 points for general organization

Above, I gave you guidelines for the content of your paper (summary and extension). You will earn these points if you stick to this. If the majority of your paper is summary, you will lose these points. The thing to keep in mind is that I have also watched these films. When writing your paper, consider that your audience is prepared to hear your application and extension of the content. You dont have to catch me up.

10 points for examples

Please provide specific examples from the film to support your writing. There is no set number for how many you must include. Please use your judgment. I want your thoughts to stem from the content of the film. In order to do that you need to ground your thoughts in that content. I will know if you apply specific examples when you note it at the end of the sentence. You do not have to utilize citation format. Please note that I require this in part as proof that you watched the film. You need to make it obvious to me that you watched it in its entirety and are providing your thoughts based upon this.


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