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criminal justice

complete the term project, which is a 1000-word APA Style paper on any topic of your choice. The topic must be related to criminal justice in one way or the other.  The project should have 1000-words of substance not counting the cover, abstract, and reference page. Students will be required to use at least FIVE scholarly references in their work.

Discuss a particular aspect of deviant behavior.  Identify the aspects of this particular deviance and discuss its overall impact on US society.  Discuss accepted policies and practices in dealing with this deviance and project how this deviance will be treated with the next 10-20 year period.

Expand on the texts, do not repeat them. It is expected that the research hypothesis or research statement will be supported by citations drawn from academic, peer reviewed journals. Internet sources are generally fine for background information.

Students can write their term project on any topic but it must relate to “criminal” justice as opposed to “civil” justice.

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