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Comparing Two cultures: Saudi Arabia and Lebanon

Description: Part A: Research 34: 1.00 some secondary research in preparation and then confirm your findings. 34: 3.Describe the cultural communication norms in
your own culture (Saudi Arabia) and compare it to the cultural communication norms in (Lebanon). This could include: 34: 1.In business meetings what is
the correct form of address 34: 2.Meeting and greeting ad: 3.Exchanging gifts 3:: 4.Forms of address 34: 5.Etiquette ad: 6.5peaking conventions ad: 7.Written
communication 34: 8.Time keeping. Part 8: Analysis 1.Explain the key differences between the two cultures. 2.Identify the likely impact these differences
could have on communication between people of these cultures. 3.How could these cultural differences affect the way we do business together? 4.Explain
how you would try to overcome any challenges these differences might pose. Format: Individual Report Make sure you use the Harvard referencing
system 34: Use at least 5 different sources of information in your research(websites, journals, books, peer-reviewed academic papers. ) Learning
Outcomes: Lo1 Recognise different cultural elements from Eastern and Western cultures in both social and business environments, and their effects. This
means we expect you to research the business & social cultural communication norms in your own and your partnerés culture using articles from the
e-library and relevant information sources . You should present your research in a table format but you must also provide a written explanation to
support your table content. (You have been given suggestions of what type of communications to research in part A of the briefing.) Lo2 Illustrate
examples of contrasting cultural approaches in a business context and the general economic and business environment. This means we expect you to
consider the effects, both positive and negative that the communication differences could have on business. (Part B of the briefing) Lo3 Recognise ways to
overcome obstacles to initial interactions between different cultures in a business context. This means we expect you to explain how you would try to
overcome any communication differences caused by the different cultural norms you have already established to help create a productive business
environment for both cultures. (Part B of the briefing). Use Hofstedes Cultural Dimensions for the analysis I will also be sending powerpoint slides that
explain what is needed please follow it. and also a power point with a sample structure please follow that as well. Also, I will be sending a rubric in which
please follow what is needed for a distinction. In this comparative report please make sure that you state that the cultures are different
because saudi arabia is a conservative culture whereas Lebanon is a liberal culture. and focus mainly on the differences. also this report should be written
in a way a person who has no knowledge on both cultures can easily understand.


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