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Case Analysis (Jamie Turner at MLI, Inc.)

Project instructions:
Below are the Jamie Turner questions for next week’s case. Note: Don’t make the mistake of having your answers get shorter as they go along! Question #4 (about what should happen “now” — remember current state vs. future state?) is obviously very important since we’re in a “managing change” class, right? Also: To get a good grade it is important that you use class concepts (from readings and class discussions) in your analysis. Cite your sources! Also note a quote from your syllabus: “Students will each submit a 1,800-2,500 word analysis of the assigned case.” Anything shorter is below the minimum and therefore not acceptable.
1a. After a seemingly positive start, Jamie Turner’s situation at MLI has rapidly deteriorated. In particular Turner’s relationshipswith key co-workers are suffering. What are the major interpersonal problems that Turner is facing at MLI?

1b. What is the primary source of the problems between Turner and Cardullo?

2. If you had been in Pat Cardullo’s position, what might you have done differently to provide a more satisfactory introduction of Jamie Turner to MLI?

3. If you had been in Jamie Turner’s position, what might you have done differently at each of the following “choice points?”

a) During the early stages of interviewing and acquaintanceship with Pat Cardullo

b) With regard to taking over the sales function when Cardullo asked you to do that

c) When Cardullo demanded to be at your staff meeting to see for himself how you handled the problem of leaking sensitive information

4. What should Turner do now? (Again, this is a big question)

These are the questions for the case. I’ll provide you with the case and the readings that you should refer to to include in the writing to get a good grade. I need you to cite only from the articles that I’ll provide later. I need you also to include the current and future state of the case when you answer the questions as well as what would be a good intervention to make.


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