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Business Plan (Payday Loans)

Project description

For financial projection use the following link
Actually you start from year 2014, 2015, 2016,2017,2018
Cash flow, balance sheet and income statement according to that website
for the firrst 3 years that is 2014, 2015,2016 do month by month
and for 2016 & 2017 would be yearly report
start business cash range: $100,00 to $120,000 loan from bank (you choose)
all number are meaningful hypothetical (numbers should link the other report)
rent $1500 per month then figure the other expense by your own. Remember business should be profitable
so the owner will earn more and payoff the bank loan.
generate the Amortization loan table and fixed rate is 5.25% in excel

Business Plan
Payday Loans

Cover Page
Include title of paper/project, student’s name, university name, submission date, professor’s name.

Certification of Authorship
Refer to paydayloans_proposal.doc file provided

Table of Contents
Lists important sections of the paper, including appendices. The section titles below serve as a minimum guideline. Add/delete sections, if appropriate.

Executive Summary
To be written after the Business Plan is complete. Maximum of 2 pages. Tip: The executive summary can serve as a basis for your oral presentation.

Present Situation
Very brief descriptions (clear and succinct). If this a new business, say so. Refer to paydayloans_proposal.doc file provided.
Organization Type  : LLC
Market Environment (cite sources)
Products and Services
Product Life Cycle (cite sources)
Pricing and Profitability (cite sources)
Customers (cite sources, and this is a good place to indicate the use of a market survey—survey instrument and data expected in the appendices)
Distribution (local, state, national, international)
Financial Resources (brief summary of financial resources; present calculations in the appendices)
Objectives (cite sources, as appropriate)
This will take 3-4 pages.

Management (brief description).
Responsibilities (of key managers only—be brief)
Outside support (attorney, accountant, other)
Management Team (brief summary of each individual’s skill and experience; indicate that resumes are included in the appendices)
People/Talent Required (list of staff positions—just a list—not job descriptions). This will take 3-4 pages.

Product/Service Description
Product/Service Description. (Describe your product or service. Be concise.)
Customer Value. Discuss the value (payback) that your product/service will provide to your customers (cite sources).This will take 1-11/2 pages.

Market Analysis
Methods. (describe the approach to conducting a market survey, collecting data, analyzing data, and interpreting the results; then, include a copy of the survey, data

analysis results in the appendices)
Market definition (describe your market based on the results of your market survey—be sure to describe your businesses’ strengths and weaknesses–SWOT)
Customers (describe your customers based on the results of the market survey)
Competitors (describe and compare to your business—based on market survey and additional research–cite sources)
Conclusions (what does the analysis tell you about the prospects of business success)
This will take 5-6 pages.

Marketing Strategy
Based on the results of the market analysis and cite any additional information sources, this will take 5-6 pages

Selling Tactics
Describe how your company plans to sell your product/service. This should take 2-3 pages.

Financial Projections
Prepare a brief description, to include applicable company policy, of the following items from proforma statements: Current Assets; Accounts Receivable; Fixed Assets;

Liabilities; Selling, General, and Administrative expenses; and a breakeven analysis. Proforma statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement for

five year period 2010,2011,2012,2013,2014) must be included in the appendices. Tip: Use a spreadsheet.
This should take 1-2 pages (remember the financial statements belong in the appendices).
Include Amortization schedule for financing also.

List only those information sources cited in your paper. Be sure to use APA format 6th ed. The purpose of a reference list is to provide your reader with direction to

your sources. Accuracy is important. Minimum of 15 credible sources.

Include only materials that are necessary to enhance or support the text of your paper. If charts or figures are used, make sure to use APA 6th formatting standards.

If primary data were collected, provide a copy of your questionnaire/survey that was used to collect the data and a copy of the data analysis (spreadsheet or database



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