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assessment Enterpunership

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Please choose 1 of the following questions as your assessment title for semester A:

Q1: Construct a detailed analysis of entrepreneurial theory and relate this to the UK economy coming out of recession. You need to ensure that you distinguish and debate between key types of entrepreneurial activity and argue how this can affect economic performance. You also need to include and distinguish between key author’s views/theories and relate these to activity which may take place with both a local and national environment. Please ensure that key authors’ theories are debated throughout your work to emphasise your main debate. You need to use the material which has been placed on blackboard along with your own research to broaden your perspective. (You may wish to include areas such as: innovation, risk, opportunity spotting and both characteristics/trait theories within your assignment-these are listed as a guide only)
Q2) Present a critical review of the characteristics/traits of an entrepreneur with reference to at least three different categories of entrepreneurship. You need to debate how the different characteristics/traits within an individual may affect the type of entrepreneurial area they choose to enter. Some characteristics/traits lend themselves to certain types of people entering specific areas of entrepreneurship. You can include a small amount of case study within this assignment, purely to emphasise your main debate. This must not exceed 500 words. (You might wish to choose between the “intrapreneur” “lifestyle entrepreneur” “social entrepreneur” “family entrepreneur” “webpreneur” “rural entrepreneur” serial/portfolio entrepreneurs” –these areas are listed as a guide only).

In each case we expect reference to at least 6 key authors and their theories of entrepreneurship; these needed to be debated and argued fully to obtain an assignment pass.  These should be argued and debated through a coherent, structured essay and the stronger essays will relate theories to real world examples of entrepreneurship.  The assignment should be presented as a scholarly essay with appropriate referencing, not as a business style report with short sub-sections and bullet points.


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