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An entrepreneur is someone who decides to either create a new product or an improved product with the purpose of filling a need in the market that is not being met. The entrepreneur assumes the risk of marketing this new product or service but also benefits from revenues earned. There are other benefits as well. The entrepreneur is their own boss and can embrace creative freedom. Entrepreneurs take pride in what they are doing and are passionate about their venture. They are also responsible for getting the word out about their new product to build brand awareness. One of the most powerful tools to accomplish this in the digital world is through social media platforms.
Watch the following video that introduces the role of social media marketing: What is Social Media Marketing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2pwcAVonKI
As an entrepreneur launching a new brand of snack mix, you have determined that social media is going to be an inexpensive, expansive method to promote your new products and services.
Using what you have learned, use the following questions to guide your response:
Which 2 social media platforms are going to provide the most exposure for your brand and why?
Which social media platform will not be appropriate for your brand and why?
What is 1 way you can optimize your product description?

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