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Technological advances on businesses

Today’s world of business is significantly impacted by technological advances. This blurring of boundaries between the physical, digital, and biological world is referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR). Advances in artificial intelligence (AI),...

U.S. company with a foreign subsidiary

Choose a U.S. company with a foreign subsidiary on which to base your discussion. Reflect on the company, the concepts in the unit, and the current economic environment in which the subsidiary operates, and consider the current and historical exchange rate. Imagine...


Globalization has created many opportunities for organizations. There are many advantages and ways to create value through outsourcing portions of one’s global supply chain. For each opportunity, there are also many ways for the project to run into problems. In...

FUNCTION operation

Discussion 1 (Chapter 8): What is the FUNCTION operation? For what is it used? And Present a practical example/ scenario.Create two comment posts

Fitness for Life Gym Club and Health Bar

Students: Write a 9 page business proposal regarding the business you selected. Use your proposal plan to help you write. I have approved those for you. An outline as been included at the bottom of the assignment. To successfully pass, follow it thoroughly. Do not...
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