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Review your classmates’ post and assume the role of a staff member in the meeting and answer the following questions:
• As a staff member, do you agree with their recommendations? If not, why?
• What could have made their recommendations better or easier to support as a staff member?
• If there was an advocacy plan, do you think this approach would work? If you were in the meeting, would you support the initiative?

Policy #1: Instruction will not change from student to student. All students are to be treated as equals and instructions will not be modified under any circumstances. Often in life accommodations aren’t made and we want to set our children up for success.
This policy is not ethical, NAEYC Code of Conduct and Statement of Commitment states in “P-1.7—We shall strive to build individual relationships with each child; make individualized adaptations in teaching strategies, learning environments, and curricula; and consult with the family so that each child benefits from the program. (National Association for the Education of Young Children, 2019) This policy is basically saying no matter what you are going to continue teaching and never worry about or care about where the student is at on learning.
In order to fix the problem with this policy, I plan on working with the doctors that did the child intake and have a record of the things that can be wrong. I will make note of what the child is doing great in and what

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