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Out of the five ideas learned: Constructivist.Collaborative.Integrative.Reflective.Inquiry-Based Learningwhat do you feel are most relevant to the widest variety of instructional situations. Explain your reasons for choosing these ideas.


 Define the problem clearly- Obesity Does this problem truly exist? yes Provide some history of the problem and data to support the problem. What are the potential causes of the problem?- sedentary life style, etc Who (what group of people) are most affected by...

Comparing Empires

Who was in charge of the government–who had power? What was the basis for their power (in other words, why did people trust them to be in charge)? State power could be based on military power, or hereditary descent from previous rulers, or religious authority,...

Encounters With East And West

Write a 1-2 page comparing the first encounters of the Portuguese in India and China with the first encounters of the Spanish in the Caribbean. You might compare things like the goals of the Portuguese and Spanish explorers, their actions and attitudes towards the...
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