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Identify the parts of the narrative. Where does the story begin? Where does the story come to a climax? Where does the story end?
Discuss the ways the writer and speaker use description. What moments are particularly vivid and effective? Why? How did those moments make you feel? This is a good place to use a quote from the sources.
Discuss how the writer and speaker create specific scenes set in specific times and specific locations. What impact does this have on the video? How do the listener and reader response to it?
Discuss the impact of the use of dialogue. How does the dialogue lend immediacy to the video This is a good place to use a quote from the sources.
Discuss the shape of the video. how do they build to a climax that is eventually resolved?
Discuss the overall lesson that the speaker and writer are conveying in the video. What did he or she learn through the experiences? This would be a good place to use a quote from the sources.
Discuss what you learned about writing from the video that will assist you. The answer will include techniques you have learned in this class (ie. description, narration, etc.).
Example of an integrated quote with an in-text citation and Works Cited entry. The blue text is the source integration. Notice that the author of the quote is mentioned, along with information about why he is credible.

Sydney Harris, a well-known journalist from Chicago, argued that “the purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows” (“Quotes…” 195).

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