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Research the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King. Write an essay of your research meeting APA standards. Use a minimum of four sources for your research. In your essay, discuss in detail the following case aspects.

Other than biographical or background information, discuss the salient case facts and issues. Include in this discussion a description of how the case unfolded, as well as facts of evidence, especially forensic facts, uncovered during the investigation.
While this case did not go to a trial, what did the prosecution build their case upon and what evidence supported their theory against James Earl Ray? Pay particular attention to the forensic evidence but list all known evidence developed against Ray. What was the strongest evidence against him?
Why did it take weeks before Ray was identified as the suspect in this case? Discuss the advances in fingerprint evidence since this assassination.
Conspiracy theories abound around this case, especially since there was no trial and Ray plead guilty. Do you believe you could have won a verdict of guilty had this case gone to a jury trial? Why or why not? Outline how you would present your case as a prosecutor taking this case before a jury.

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