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Risk factor identification is a critical step in the process of supporting juvenile offenders. The risk factors for juveniles can differ from adults and can vary based on the stage of child development of the juvenile. It is important to identify the risk factors for your specific client.

In this assignment, you are working as a juvenile court probation officer. You have been assigned Jennifer Scott. You can read about her background. You have been assigned to create a 9- to 12 -slide presentation with written speaker notes in the notes section of each slide that identifies all the major interpersonal, familial, and environmental risk factors for your client. You will use this report to create a comprehensive case plan for her in Week 5.

Specifically, your report should do the following:

Identify at least 2 interpersonal risk factors for your client.
Identify at least 2 familial risk factors for your client.
Identify at least 2environmental risk factors for your client.
For all the identified risk factors, justify why each is a risk factor for your client.
Discuss how juvenile risk factor identification differs from that for adults.

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