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Technology has revolutionized healthcare significantly in recent years. As technology continues to evolve, healthcare leaders are focused on ways in which new technologies can be leveraged to improve costs, access, and quality of care.

You are the associate consultant for a health quality management organization. Your organization advises health service providers on ways to improve quality and safety in the delivery of care. You have been asked by the senior consultant to conduct research on a new technology that has the capacity to positively impact healthcare delivery. Use your research to write an executive summary detailing your findings regarding the technology.

Examples of technologies that have the potential to change healthcare and its delivery include:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
Centralized monitoring of hospital patients
Electronic underwear that prevents bedsores
Disinfectant lightbulbs
Create an executive summary in which you discuss the following:

Identify a new or emerging technology that may significantly improve quality, increase access to care, and/or reduce long-term costs.
Discuss the global implications of implementing the selected technology.
Explain how the new technology may result in improved outcomes and increased efficiency.
Describe potential challenges to implementing the technology and proposed solutions to those challenges.

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