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Visit a local school and see how the Response to Intervention procedure is organized.

Conduct interviews with the site administrator and a service provider (e.g., teacher) to find out
the types of interventions used, the duration of the interventions, and the process that follows
once the interventions have been in place for a reasonable period of time. Find out their plan
of action for non-responders. This is very INFORMAL; interviews may even be conducted
online or over the phone, just so long as you get a clear indication of how PBIS is utilized and
more than enough information to complete Part 2. You may want to ask the questions below
during the interview/class visits. A summary of this experience is required in Part 2.
Classroom Students are not necessary to complete this assignment
Part 2: Think and Apply
You will write a 2.5 – 3 page paper on your experiences from part one, chapter readings,
and professional /personal engagement.
First, provide an overview defining and summarizing the rationale for using Response to
Intervention. In this overview address the following: (1) critical components essential for PBIS;
(2) an explanation of different tiers of intervention and; (3) detailed summary of Part One
classroom visit or interview; please include name/address of school, name of professionals
interviewed and/or questioned. This overview should be a minimum of one-page.
Next, you will answer the following questions in narrative form, supplementing answers with
information gleaned from Part One, personal/professional experiences, and chapter reading
from the textbook.

  1. How are PBIS models different from previous behavior models used in the school?
  2. Describe the benefits of PBIS.
  3. What are the roles of administrator, the special education and general education teacher
    in schools that utilizes the PBIS and parents?
  4. Discuss the interrelation between IDEA (special education), ADA (504 accommodations),
    and PBIS.
  5. How should families be involved in an PBIS model?
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