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Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement

  Summary/Reflection/Application (SRA) 6 Book: “Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement” by Victoria L. Bernhardt. 4th Edition 2018, Routledge (4th Ed.) For each chapter of the following chapters, complete the 4 points listed below: Chapter 1 1. Identify 5...

Fulfilment in your career.

People often neglect to consider how their own values influence their feeling of fulfilment in their career. If someone feels unfulfilled in any of the basic work values (achievement, comfort, status, altruism, safety, and autonomy) what can they do outside of work to...

Special education

How and why did special education begin? What are some problems that special education has historically faced? In your experience (e.g., as a student, paraprofessional, teacher, parent, etc.), what are some ideas from this week’s readings about the history of...

Maintaining Access

          This document is based on web application attacks. Assuming the role of a SOC analyst in the data center at Night dragon, it is “all systems go” and “green light” status throughout the network. Then suddenly, an alert of some sort indicating a vulnerability...

Teaching an adult

        Think about something you believe you can teach to an adult. It can be anything at all. Examples range from baking bread to learning about a particular religion or culture to playing golf to painting a bowl of fruit to teaching someone to converse a bit in a...
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