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Review a current news article, no older than three years, on
a public health topic. The article should be from a news publication (on-line news
paper, news magazine, news website) such as: Associated Press (AP), Reuters, The
Commercial Appeal, CNN, The New York Times, U.S. News and World Report, etc.
• After selecting a news article, each student will find ONE more source with more
health related information on that particular topic from a reliable health website such
as cdc.gov, healthypeople.gov, nih.gov, that either provides some background
information, provides statistics, or answers questions that the news article
raises. Reliable sites should either be .gov, .org, or .edu. The student should make
note of at least 3 additional facts related to the health topic.
• Each student will submit a typed review (2 pages minimum; 12 font and double
spaced) of the article and the additional information found on a reliable health
website. References to both articles should be included at the end of the written
review in APA format. Students should address how their news article is related to
public health and link it material that is covered in class.

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