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Contribute to raising awareness in your community by creating a case study in criminal justice reform in your state.
Communicating to your local community at large, you have found that people understand very little regarding the historical conflict between law enforcement and the local community in your state/local area. Based on recent news events, you have chosen to discuss the problems with law enforcement and the court system in your state in terms of why people are distrusting the police and the criminal justice system itself. Be sure to discuss the complaints/concerns that have been voiced by the community in recent years in terms of law enforcement’s role in the community when it comes to addressing crime and social problems.
Identify the problems found in your state and recommend if law enforcement should receive new training, be defunded in favor of another programming approach (as recommended by you), or potentially a combination of new law enforcement training with a new program that can be implemented to improve the relationship between law enforcement and the community.
Outline and determine alternative courses of action and draw appropriate conclusions using learned concepts in this course. You want to emphasize the major implications for your recommendation and how it would solve problems in your community, including dealing with crime and social problems unique to your state location.

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