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Illegal Immigration

            Why is illegal immigration such a difficult problem to solve for law enforcement? How can the use of new technologies assist them in their efforts? Give some examples.    

Employment Law

  Many employment laws were created out of a necessity when organizations (those with power) didn’t treat employees (those without power) fairly or ethically. For example, the child labor laws in the Fair Labor Standards Act were created to ensure that young...

Restorative justice

At the root of the concept of restorative justice is the notion that a crime not only violates some particular legal statute, but also harms the victim, his or her family and the community at large. It is crucial in restorative justice that the victim is willing to...

The role of federal courts

              As you read about me court structure in trim country, you will realize that Federal District courts have different levels of “binding.” Federal courts are bound only in that jurisdiction by the Federal circuit courts. In essay format, discuss...

Analyzing a law

            What law are you researching (choose a relevant cyber law)? What position do you want to take regarding your chosen law? You will need to decide if you agree or disagree with the current way the law is written. You can choose to like certain aspects of the...

Law enforcement equipment

You are recently hired as an intern to the recently promoted police chief in a medium-sized town with a rather modest budget for law enforcement equipment. One of her primary goals is to seek an increase in the budget for those technological items that she feels would...
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