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In early childhood classrooms, inclusion is often the practice. Inclusion of all students in early childhood settings means that teachers are aware of the main components of an inclusive classroom. Understanding how to plan for all students will help the teacher candidate be successful in meeting the needs of their classroom. Creating a developmentally appropriate, accessible classroom is important in inclusive settings.

Part 1

Select a grade level Pre-K to Grade 3. Imagine you are a new teacher who is designing a developmentally appropriate and easily accessible classroom. Based on your own research, select a digital tool or other appropriate strategy to create a classroom layout that includes spaces for developmentally appropriate whole group, small group, and individual activities. Be sure to consider young children’s needs, strengths, and interests as well as activities that will be done during the day and flow of the classroom during these activities.

Include the following in your classroom design:

Furniture or equipment necessary for learning
Learning and free play centers to support learning
Technology resources to assist accommodation needs
Part 2

Along with the classroom plan, answer the following questions in a 500-750 word reflection:

How will you ensure accessibility for all of your students?
How will you maintain appropriate supervision over your entire classroom, even during centers and small group activities?
What challenges do you think you will have in maintaining this inclusive, accessible classroom? How will you meet these challenges?
How would you configure the physical classroom to accommodate students who are visually impaired?
How does your classroom design take into consideration young children’s needs, strengths, and interests?
Support your plan and reflection with 3-5 scholarly resources.

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