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Guest column for The Ethicist

Prompt: The New York Times Magazine has asked you to write a guest column for The Ethicist. They want youto draw on Kant’s ethics and the ethics of care in answering the following letter.Dear Ethicist,I’m 45, living in the United States. My brother is two years older...


Describe and evaluate the contribution of recently published psychological research to our understanding of a cognitive process of your choice Options: Memory, Decision making, perception, language or cognitive rserve

Narcissistic personality disorder

Briefly describe narcissistic personality disorder, including the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria.Explain a therapeutic approach and a modality to treat a client presenting with this disorder. Explain why the approach and modality was selected, justifying their...

Moral distress

          Case 1 J.J is a nurse practitioner who works in a primary care facility. He believes that one of the most important aspects of his work is to foster a therapeutic relationship with his clients. He is using effective communication techniques. Many of his...
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