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“legitimate” and “illegitimate” rape

Some years ago. Missouri politician Todd Akin created a political media firestorm with his comments about the difference between “legitimate” and “illegitimate” rape. Do you think there is any legal. scientific, or cultural basis for his claim?...

The “dark figure” of sexual assault

Analyze this statement from the text: “Compared with other crimes, there is an extremely wide gap between the actual number of sexual assaults and those offenses known to the police:’ Why is hidden (i.e..the “dark figure” of sexual assault) so...

Supply chain focuses solely on its own profits

What are some problems that can arise when each stage of a supply chain focuses solely on its own profits when making decisions? Identify some actions that can help a retailer and a manufacturer work together to expand the scope of strategic fit.How could a grocery...

Improving Productivity

Labor productivity is sometimes perceived to be driven by employee motivation. Fully outline and support effective ways to motivate hourly employees vs. salaried managers. If productivity of these workers is below expectation, what are good and poor ways to try to...

Focused on uncertainty in the supply chain over

Research 2 companies of your choice. Explain how they have focused on uncertainty in the supply chain over the last two years with special emphasis on the following levers: Capacity,InventoryTimeInformationPrice Discuss their successes and failures in these...
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