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Ima Little, 4’2″ tall, visited Southern Subs Restaurant (SSR) in Montgomery, Alabama. SSR’s corporate headquarters is located in Savannah, Georgia. Little was three months pregnant and craved a sandwich with anchovies. She took the receipt after ordering...

Second Amendment

You accepted a job with Generic Hospital located in your city. The hospital is part of the Well Care system of for-profit hospitals. The employee handbook prohibits employees from possessing firearms on any company property. Generic Hospital is located in an area of...

Law and Ethics

CourseHero.com is one of the many websites where students submit assignments and pay an unknown person located anywhere in the world to write papers the students can submit to their professors.A student posted a message on CourseHero.com requesting preparation of a...

A top-down driven economy

Today’s Global Economy is very top-down driven with the government making all the decisions and regulations as it relates to doing business globally. What are some advantages and disadvantages to this approach? Is there another approach that might work...
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