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Discretion in sentencing

Anthony Townsend Kronman of the Yale Law School writes: If judges are legislators and not adjudicators who are merely applying the rules they have been authorized to apply in the cases that come before them, what is it that gives their decisions legitimacy or...


In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency: Explain the processes and procedures used in courts ScenarioYou are a Community Outreach Coordinator for your local chapter of the National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA). A recent...

Crime and deviance

What do you think criminology can draw from the field of psychology in trying to explain crime and deviance?According to theories discussed in this chapter, what can people do to prevent being victimized? Do we seem to blame victims who do not seem to do enough to...

Predicting delinquency

While differential association theory would stress the influence of peers, social control theories would emphasize the role of parents, teachers, and coaches. how do you see these two competing models in terms of predicting delinquency?

How to file a civil lawsuit

Choose one state in America, preferably your home state. Using course, library and online resources, conduct research on how to file a civil lawsuit in both state and federal court. Discuss the differences between the two different courts and the filing process. What...
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