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Communicable or non-communicable disease

Select a communicable or non-communicable disease and examine AI/predictive analytics and their application in global health.Which communicable or non-communicable disease did you examine?What was the application of artificial intelligence or predictive analytics to...

Language for Learning

Purpose: This assignment will help students identify the ways in which language development difficulties can result in difficulties carrying out learning tasks in the classroom. Instructions: During the school age years academic demands require students to use their...

Delivering oral presentations

Consider the 4 methods for delivering oral presentations: Memorization, Manuscript, Impromptu and Extemporaneous. · What are the differences among these 4 presentation styles? When would it be appropriate to use each presentation method? · Next, recall a public...

Informative speech.

For this assignment you will be asked to research and provide 3 authoritative sources from different locations on the topic you have chosen for your informative speech. For your speech you are required to have 3 authoritative sources, where at least 2 are coming from...

Developing a Helping Relationship

Define the concepts of (One paragraph)a. Warmthb. Empathyc. Explain how these qualities might be expressed in a helping relationship, particularly as it relates to clients who have a very different experience/background from you (culturally, racially, etc).What is the...
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