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Finding an article

You can find latest news reports by subscribing to the following – NRF Smartbrief, Shop.org Smartbrief, and STORES e-newsletter. You may also run across some latest news pertaining to the retail industry in various media such as The NewYork Times, The Washington Post,...

Control Techniques

  Control is an important element in any type of research. Considering experimental research, come up with a hypothetical research scenario and apply each of the five types of control to the scenario. Use specific examples to illustrate your point....

“Business Systems Roles”

      . Research a scholarly paper or professional video on “Business Systems Roles” and reflect on the following: What is the difference between a Systems analyst, a Business Analyst, a Data Analyst, and super-users, and what other ‘people’ roles deal...

Environmental Scan

Conduct an environmental scan and write an assessment in which you focus on both the internal and external factors that could affect your success within your chosen industry.Introduction An environmental scan allows you to identify the trends (technical, social,...
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