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 Creative Women in Contemporary Culture

For this weeks forum question, review the article Taking the Measure of Sexism: Facts, Figures, and Fixes, on the Required Resources page for the course. Next, explore the National Museum of Women in the Arts linked .

If you navigate to Explore on the National Museum of Women in the Arts site, you will find artist profiles of contemporary women artists, but do not limit yourself to that section. The museum supports photographers, film directors, videographers, writers, and musicians as well as visual artists, so also navigate learn and advocate sections of the website to learn more about diverse women creating culture today.

After reviewing these resources, identify one contemporary (still living) creative woman with whom you were previously unfamiliar and discuss her contributions to contemporary culture. In your discussion, compare her visibility with creative women from other eras, such as the Renaissance, Victorian, or even the modern period. How do women continue to face challenges with visibility or representation according to your resources this week?

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